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We know only too well that learning to read can be daunting and confusing for children. Often children are taught to segment and blend words together when they are not ready. In many cases, this means that children start making their own strategies and rules to learn to read and many children end up learning by sight. This is all very well. But,  when it comes to writing and spelling these children often stuggle as they do no have the decoding tools for success.


Our co-founder Sophie who has written our hip hop hen reading scheme, can not stress enough how important the 'CVC' stage of reading is to a child's reading journey. It is so important we have published an award winning app to support this key stage of learning to read.




What are CVC words?

CVC words are C-onsonant V-owel C-onsonant  - these are the first words that a child learns to read such as c-a-t,  h-e-n,  p-i-g,  d-o-g,  b-u-g. 

CVC words are easy for a child to decode and blend back together to read the word. 


a - b - c   or   s - a - t?

Most phonics programmes do not teach the letter sounds in the alphabet order 'a' - 'b' - 'c'  - 'd' - 'e' - 'f'…

Instead they start with the ‘s’ - 'a' - 't' - 'p'  - 'i' - 'n'…

The reason for this is after a child has learnt some initial single sounds such as ‘s’ - ‘a’ - ‘t’ - ‘p’ - ‘i’ - ‘n’…they can blend the letter sounds together to make CVC words such as:

s-a-t   p-i-n   t-i-n   p-a-n   n-a-p   t-a-p   s-i-t    s-i-p….

After learning some initial sounds (‘s’  ‘a’  ‘t’  ‘p’  ‘i’  ‘n’) - CVC words are considered the simplest words and the starting point of many learning to read phonics programmes. 


Sophie has put together some free, printable resources to help read CVC words (below). If you would like to access these activities please email and we will send you a copy. First come, first served...please note - we will only be sending the resources to the first 500 people.


All you have to do is print out the trains - then, cut the letters out and stick them on the train carriages to make the word...



Check out our award winning PHONICS 1 CVC app on the apple app store...









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