Letter /s/

When your child starts school the first phoneme sound they will learn is the letter /s/.

Most phonics programmes do not teach the letter sounds in the alphabet order /a/ /b/ /c/ /d/ /e/ /f/…

Instead they start with:

/s/ /a/ /t/ /p/ /i/ /n/

/c/ /k/ /e/ /h/ /r/ /m/ /d/

/g/ /o/ /u/ /l/ /f/ /b/....

The reason for this is after a child has learnt some initial single sounds such as /s/ /a/ /t/ /p/ /i/ /n/…they can blend the letter sounds together to make CVC words such as:

s-a-t   p-i-n   t-i-n   p-a-n   n-a-p   t-a-p   s-i-t    s-i-p….

After learning some initial sounds (/s/  /a/ /t/ /p/  /i/  /n/) - CVC words are considered the simplest words and the starting point of many learning to read phonics programmes. 

Initially your child will be introduced to words that begin with the /s/ sound. Depending on which phonics programme they are following at your child's school they will sing a song, learn an action and learn a flashcard to associate with the letter sound. Alongside this your child will be involved with lots of craft activities, such as making a sun, snake, snail etc - sometimes involving the letter shape. Below are some lovely examples which you could try at home.

If you were decorating a s_nake or the letter /s/ you might decorate it with s_pots, s-quares, s_tring, s_paghetti, s_tickers, or s_tars like below...

(Or you can use this blank template for many things such as finger painting, sponging, sticking, splatting, tracing)...



So, to help you with your learning at home Sophie has made some printable learning resources to help your child learn the /s/ sound. If you would like these printables please email: 




If you are learning initial sounds check out our award winning apps:




abc flashcard songs  uses songs and beautiful pictures to introduce children to phonics. In this example children have to find all the pictures that begin with the 'd' sound - such as: dinosaur, donkey, duck, dog, drum and digger.





abc letter tracing  teaches children the correct letter formation of both print and cursive letters.





abc jigsaw  helps children become familiar with letter shapes and letter sounds through assembling letter character jigsaws.







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