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Due to the success of our award winning PHONICS 1 CVC app on the UK App Store we are launching it for our US friends on:







If you are looking for a phonics app to introduce your child to reading - look no further!

The co-founders of hip hop hen (Sophie Carter and Daisy Harrison) are teachers.

Between them they have spent years teaching children how to read and after extensive research they realised there was a severe lack of interactive reading apps to support this stage of learning.

The best way to start to learn to read is with 3 letter words. These are called CVC words - (C-onsonant V-owel C-onsonant) - such as:

c-a-t,    h-e-n,    p-i-g,    d-o-g,    b-u-g

CVC words are easy for a child to decode and blend back together to read the word.

The app is split into two ability levels. If you are introducing your child to decoding CVC words for the first time - start with the "WORDS" games.


In the WORDS section of the app - there are 30 CVC words to build and read across 5 games. 



Here is Georgie building and reading the word 'jet' in a very noisy classroom!


What are the red dots that appear under each letter of the word?

These are called sound buttons.

By pressing these buttons in the order that they appear (left to right) it helps the child segment the letter sounds in the word and blend them back together to read the word. This is a strategy used in school to decode and read words. 


Once your child has become proficient with sounding out and reading CVC (3 letter) words then you can move on to the READ section of  "phonics 1 CVC".




Every time you build and read a CVC word or sentence - you collect a star. There are 60 stars to collect accross the app and you can see how many stars you have collected in your "printable learning journey".





In the grown-ups area of phonics 1 CVC app there is a section called teaching tips. 

This is a useful guide to track your child’s learning.



You can download: 

phonics 1 CVC on the Apple App Store 







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