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Below are some of our top tips for encouraging pre-reading skills that we recently contributed to Tracey Blake’s Small Talk Time blog on the Daily Mail online.

...A baby’s brain is programmed to learn a language. Learning a language and learning letter sounds go hand-in-hand. Therefore, learning to read begins at birth with listening to sounds. Talking to or having conversations with your child is the best way to develop language skills.

Reading stories to your child will help broaden their vocabulary. Read to your child for at least 4 minutes everyday to help build an awareness of language and sounds as well as visual memory. From birth sing lullabies and songs to your child and read picture books as well as books with textures and interactive flaps.

As your child gets to a pre-school age, read rhyming stories and ask questions about the book.

Talk about the book and ask questions with your child as you read the book. Ask your child to predict what is going to happen or ask your child why that character made that particular choice or if your child can connect to having the same emotion as one of the characters. Point out the title. When reading the book follow the text with your finger so your child starts to understand the direction of the print.

Role Model Reading

Be a role model. Your child’s interest in books will be greater if they see you reading. We suggest a quiet time each day for your child to see you reading for at least 5-10 minutes each day. It is better if this time is the same time each day. After a snack or a meal time is a good time. During this time, layout three books for your child to read and the adult(s) can read a magazine, a cookbook, a novel…anything you want! But, the important thing is your child is not allowed to disturb you. If your child will not settle then just say, “it is reading time – quietly read a book by your self”. Some families use an egg timer or point to the clock and say, “I will play with you when the big hand gets to the three”. This technique has huge benefits for your child’s independent learning journey...

The most important objective is 'make books fun' - to install a love of reading for life. Our hip hop hen: abc flashcard songs app - was recently launched as Editors' Choice for iPad - it is a great alternative to a book, where children interact with each page of app and learn to associate letter sounds with words and pictures.



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