Just a name?

Your child’s name is very important to them and learning the letters in their name is an early learning and key skill. Often the first letters a child will learn are the letters in his or her own name.

On all 3 of our apps the child’s name is entered at the beginning and will be displayed on the app. It is very important that the child becomes familiar with their name so they can recognise their peg at school, or their workbook to help them become independent and organise themselves.


Fun Ways to Learn the Child’s Name at Home


You can have the child’s name on a:

Peg, rucksack, bedroom wall, place mat or use magnets on the fridge to display the child’s name.

You can also label the child’s drawings and pictures and stick them on the wall.

When reading a book point to letters that are in your child’s name, such as: "Look hen has a ‘h’ like your name Henry."

hip hop hen has a Pinterest board called hip hop hen likes: name craft. This board has lots of fun ideas for a child to build and learn their name.


Craft Ideas for Learning the Child’s Name.

You can help make the child’s name out of playdough – show your child how to roll the playdough in to ‘sausages’ to help them make the letters.

Letter beads
You can help the child string their name on a thread.

Pipe Cleaners
Print out the name and then stick pipe cleaners to the letter.

Cutting and Sticking
Count how many letters are in your child’s name – then cut-up the letters and stick the name back together.

Collage their name – write the letters with bubble writing and then stick small scraps of recycled paper or tissue paper on the letters.

Finger Painting
Write the letters of the name in bubble writing and then get the child to decorate their name by finger painting.

Alphabet cookies – bake their name with alphabet shaped cookies.

Name Craft
Make name rockets
Make a name caterpillar
Make a name train

Clothes Line
Hang up a piece of string like a washing line at child height. Arrange letters of the name in the wrong order and peg them onto the washing line. Then get the child to peg their name back together.

Paper Plate Craft
Write each letter of the child’s name on paper plates and then help the child stick the plates onto the wall.

Air Writing
Use two fingers and a thumb (tripod pencil grip) to write the letters in the air. This can also be done, by holding a pencil and pretending the pencil is a magic wand.

Kitchen Tracing
Pour a small amount of salt or flour in a baking tray. Allow your child to practice tracing letters without the pressure of more permanent writing utensils, such as markers and crayons. Another favourite for tracing letters is to mix corn flour with a little bit of water and place in a flat tray.

Non-messy Painting
Put some paint in a freezer zipper bag and remove the air. Then seal the bag and double the seal with some masking or duct tape. Your child can practice tracing letters on the outside of the bag, manipulating the paint.

Write the child’s name on paving outside. Allow the child to copy the name or trace over the letters with chalk.

Dry Wipe Board
Children love drawing on a dry wipe board. Write your child’s name at the top and encourage your child to copy the letters.

Treasure Hunting
Hide plastic letters of your child’s name in sand, rice, mud, dry pasta, water and ask the child to find the letters. Hide the different pieces of paper with the letters of the name, in the room and then give the child a bucket, container or tub to collect the letters.

Write or stick the letters on the top of the child’s trains, cars or building blocks.

Post-it Notes and Stones
Write the letters of the name on different pieces of post-it notes or on stones.


We will keep on up-dating this list – for any other fun and creative ways to learn the child’s name please email us at Please write 'Name Craft and Activities' in the subject box.
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Your child’s name is very important to them...

Just a name?

Your child’s name is very important to them... Read more >